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care and handling

Proper care and handling of your flowers is essential in guaranteeing prolonged life and beauty.

Use floral food with good clean water.

Recut all stems

Remove foliage below water line.

Keep away from extreme heat or cold.

Flower care do's and don’ts

Use a knife to cut the bottom of the stems at an angle. Do not use scissors as they clamp the stem.

Use a good commercial flower preservative in your water to extend the life of your flowers.

Use 6-8 drops of Clorox Unscented Bleach per gallon of water

Replace water every 3-4 days, or as you see the water is turning cloudy and murky. The chlorine (bleach) treatment mentioned above should be useful to eliminate the growth of bacteria in the water.

Make sure you are using a vase that has been thoroughly cleaned. All leaves should be outside of the vase to ensure that water is free of dirt and residue.

Do not place flowers in direct sunlight.

Do not place near heating or air conditioning vents. This will cause the flowers to dehydrate

Do not place flowers in drafty areas.

Do not place flowers next to fruits and vegetables. Some flowers are sensitive to ethylene (a gas emitted by ripening fruits and vegetables).

Use both hands to carefully fold the bottom of the net outwards and then fold upwards. This is very important in avoiding petal shedding.

NEVER pull up on the net. Petals will get caught in the lower part of the net, causing them to separate and fall. This renders the product useless.


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