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What is FlorEcuador?

FlorEcuador is the socio-environmental program of Expoflores, the Ecuador’s National Association of Flower Producers and Exporters, which promotes social responsibility, improves working conditions of flower growers, seeks sustainable production with optimal resource and energy management and increases the use of biological and alternative pesticides.

FlorEcuador® is moving the Ecuadorian floriculture industry toward fulfilling the requirements of existing environmental and social certifications of other countries.

FlorEcuador® improves competitiveness through floriculture training and education and seeks to make the most of opportunities and benefits accruing to the social and environmental commitments of the sector as a whole.

How does FlorEcuador® work?

By promoting actions on flower plantations that preserve and improve environmental quality through improved management practices related to water, soil, energy, waste disposal and integrated pest control as well as beautifying surroundings and providing occupational protection and safety to flower workers.

FlorEcuador® works toward the elimination of child labor and control of adolescent workers while ensuring employee growth and development through training, advancement and stability within a quality work environment.
And flower farms have the continuing opportunity to implement their own programs of worker and environmental protection within the guidelines of FlorEcuador®.

Who does FlorEcuador® benefit?

FlorEcuador® benefits the flower workers who are assured that they have a fair, stable and safe work environment.
FlorEcuador benefits, principally, the final flower consumer who can be assured that flowers from FlorEcuador farms have been produced by workers covered by the program, with no underage workers, that the farms are motivated and competitive, that they care for their communities and use environmentally friendly practices.

Who participates in FlorEcuador?

Members of Expoflores who are located throughout the flower-producing regions of the country are certified by FlorEcuador®. The program is compulsory for all members of Expoflores.

How to become part of FlorEcuador?

Any member of Expoflores can apply over the Internet by requesting a username and password in order to access the FlorEcuador® checklists on the web site, www.florecuador.org. The next step is to name an internal auditor or coordinator from within company staff, who conducts a pre-audit with the checklists.

Finally, FlorEcuador audits the farms to determine compliance with certification criteria which must be fulfilled at least eighty percent.

How much does it cost to participate in FlorEcuador?

The cost to participate in FlorEcuador is covered by the monthly dues of Expoflores membership.

FlorEcuador®, providing flowers that are socially and environmentally responsible.

url: www.expoflores.com

For more information, contact: florecuador@expoflores.com