Farm Made Bouquets

All flowers have a limited vase life. And most of the life expectancy of a flower is lost in the manufacturing process. But there are ways to minimize the effects of travel on our delicate products, and with more than 30 years of experience, we have largely solved for this problem through our sophisticated bouquet operations. Traditionally, distributors buy goods, hold them in warehouses until they are required, then sell them to retail level customers. We challenged this model in favor of a more cost effective, time-phased delivery of goods model, which reduces cost associated with inventory, and responds more quickly to customer demands. As such, we don’t carry inventory, so the end consumer gets the absolute freshest product and a great flower buying experience. Our bouquets have been proven to outlast most other bouquet makers because of our high quality flower selections, and the speed to market afforded by our Bouquet Operations Team.

Our Farm Made Bouquet Program

Our Farm Made Bouquet collection offers over 90 different designs to choose from. All our bouquets are made on the farm as soon as they are ordered and shipped straight from the farm ensuring the freshest product and fast delivery. Pick your desired bouquet and size! Our price points are based on the number of stems and come in 8 different sizes: Imperial, Grand, Royal, Parlor, Deluxe, Demiluxe, Demi and Picolo.